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Have you wondered why your scores drop so drastically in competitions?

One of the main reasons is that the competition environment is quite different from your home range. A large part of it comes from the Scoring system.

Consider this:

1. If you are using a Manual target or pulley system at home, it takes time to remove the old target and put a new one. This may be providing you the time to breathe between shots and rest your muscles. Whereas in a competition the scenario is different with electronic targets.

2. Gauging errors in reading the shot properly can give wrong feedback in training. EliteScorer give accurate and consistent scores right upto 0.1 of an mm.

3. Electronic targets provide instant feedback of score and hence the shooters ability to understand the executed shot is enhanced and immediate.

4. EliteScorer is not just a scoring system. It is a training system! You can now train Finals with commands simulated by the computer with real human like voice called the Virtual Range Officer. It can even announce your scores!

5. Instant display can make the session audiance friendly; be it your coach or your well wishers, they can all see where you are shooting and also the context of the shot!

6. Most shooting clubs are remotely located from the shooter's home and further restricted to specific timings of the range. Thereby leads to increased cost in terms of time spent to travel and money spent in the process. As a national/international level athlete, having Elite Scorer at home can make all the difference enabling maximum practice time and flexible time of choosing.

Elite Scorer is now available in 4 continents. Get intouch with your nearest dealer now Or Purchase online!

Elite Scorer sets up a service center in Slovenia for European Customers.
Elite Pulse now launched! New Improved Elite Scorer 2020 Launched!
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