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Listed below are the frequently asked questions related to Elite Scorer. Elite Scorer is meant for beginners as well as renowned shooters who need an accurate electronic scoring system for the home range. The product can also be used by clubs and upgrade from Old school Pully system to present generation electronic Targets. If you have further queries you can drop a mail to

We also give online chat support to answer your queries quickly and enable faster processing. Leave us your message along with contact details if we are offline.

1. How accurate is the system and how do I verify it?

Elite Scorer is developed inline with ISSF requirements of 0.1mm accuracy. It can easily score decimals such as 10.1, 10.2, etc. On purchasing the product, we provide you a printed target template which can be mounted onto the system infront of the paper roll. The shot you shoot on the printed template will be the score displayed on the computer screen!

2. What are the consumables I need to purchase for EliteScorer?

Target paper roll is one of the consumable you need to purchase. As an estimate, in single time use, one roll for may be used for 1200 shots. We have made the system such that paper rolls from similar product manufacturer also can be purchased locally.

3. I don't have a PC, can I use this in any other way?

Currently the system is designed for windows or MAC PC or Laptop or Android Tablets only. Any future developments shall be informed.

4. We are an Organization with shooting range, how can we install multiple such systems for all the lanes?

EliteScorer comes in Home and Club Versions. Club Versions can network with other Elite Scorers with Competition Server and Club Competition software. Watch out on our featured products section for Availablity and drop us an Email.

5. Is the product certified and be shipped to European/ American countries?

Yes, the product is FCC, CE certified and ROHS compliant. Which assures the quality and safety of the product.

6. How can I make payment and buy the product?

You can make payment online using Paypal with Master and VISA Credit cards, International Debit cards or Foreign remittance by your bank. We ship the product to your door step. We also have presence in 7 Countries through our Sales partners, visit our contact us page to know more. If there is no representative, drop us an email, we can ship to you directly!

7. I have some feedback towards the improvement of the product, can I reach you?

Sure, we welcome any suggestions for future improvements and encourage interaction. This is a product made by a shooter just like you.

8. What is the accuracy of the Elitescorer ?

Elitescorer can measure shot accuracy upto 100 micrometer. Approximately the difference between 10.1 and 10.2 is 250 micrometer, hence our system is more accurate than required.

9. Is the product ISSF certified?

No, currently we have not applied for any such certifications from the world body as it is not required for Non ISSF International tournaments. However we will get it done in the near future.

10. We are from defense, we liked the scoring systems, however we have custom requirements, can you design a system for us?

Yes, our parent company iFuture Systems is into Special Purpose Machine Building, we will be able to assist you with a solution, kindly contact us from Contact us page.

11. The cost of the product seems to be on a higher side.

You must do a small research about pricing. We observe that we are 3-5 times cheaper than our competition. Elite Scorer is wireless, portable, integrated with builtin pellet trap and can network with other Elite Scorers hence gives you great value for money. Rest assured, the product is more than worth it!

12. Who are the people using the Elitescorer?

Shooters from more than 10 Nations are already using it including India, USA, UK, UAE, Phillippines, Mexico, Uruguay, Slovenia, Vietnam and China. Soon we shall publish renowned shooter testimonials which include some of the top International Shooters and Olympic Medalists!

13. Can I be a distributor for your products?

Yes, we are expanding rapidly and looking to partner with local distributors in every Olympic Shooting Nation. Fill up the distributor form online and we will get in touch with you.

14. What is the warranty and quality of the product? Is it reliable?

The product comes with 1 Year replacement warranty. In case of any breakdown or manufacturing defect, we shall replace your product with a new one! The product uses high-end electronic components from renowned manufacturers and hence is reliable.

15. What about after sales support and Installation?

We have a diagnose program built in that can check the health of the system. Incase of a minor fix, we can identify and suggest the corrective action online. If a part has to be replaced, we will specifically address the part with spares. Additionally we are available on Live chat on our website to assist you with the product and its usage.

Elite Scorer is now available in 4 continents. Get intouch with your nearest dealer now Or Purchase online!

Elite Scorer sets up a service center in Slovenia for European Customers.
Elite Pulse now launched! New Improved Elite Scorer 2020 Launched!
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