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Shooting Club Edition

Electronic Scoring systems just as in Competition Range for Air Rifle and Air Pistol Elite Scorer is designed for a maximum WiFi range of 150 Meters Accurate Scoring system Launching soon in India

With the modern needs to popularize shooting sports, we have developed EliteScorer for Shooting Clubs. Shooting sport is one of the most boring sports for the audience prior to the introduction of electronic targets. The new age networking of systems and instant display of scores paves way to making shooting one of the most exciting sport to watch. With EliteScorer Club Edition, your club can catch the “Shooting Fever” with more people participating, increasing the level of audience involvement and making every competition an eventful one.

Shooting Clubs can also benefit from saving a lot of time in replacing targets as a continuous roll can enable 1200 (approx) shots at a stretch (depending on Rifle/Pistol). Additionally the end users also get a cost benefit over paper targets as continuous paper rolls are nearly 50% cheaper than competition. Elite Scorer Club comes in two models as given below:

Elite Scorer Club

Elite Scorer Club is designed for Shooting clubs. This edition comes with an Electronic Target system that can accomodate both Air Rifle and Air Pistol targets (0.177cal) with changeover time of 10 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Wireless WiFi based
  • No Installation and Wiring
  • Elite Scorer Basic Software
  • Works for both Air Rifle & Air Pistol Shooting
  • Android Tablet/Laptop Based System (Not Provided)
  • Zero Maintainence Cost!
  • Cost economical continous paper rolls
  • Can be Networked with Club Competition Server
  • Elite Scorer Club Competition Server

    Elite Scorer Club Competition Server is developed for venues planning to host competitions. The Server comes with Wireless Network Routers that can simultaneously network with 75 lanes of Elite Scorer Target Units. Elite Scorer Club Competition comes with PRO software by default installed on the server.

    Key Features:

  • Wireless WiFi based
  • No Installation and Wiring
  • Elite Scorer PRO Software on Server
  • Works for both Air Rifle and Air Pistol Shooting
  • Projector Display Based System for Audience (Provided)
  • Live Display of 8 Lanes ISSF format Networked Finals (New & Old)
  • Realtime Rolling Display Leader board during Qualifications
  • Competition Management Software for Shooter registration and Lane Allocation
  • Display Live on Projector to Audiance and turn your club exciting world class competition hosting venue!
  • See the software features in Demo mode and experience the difference!

    Download – PRO

    Download - Competition Management Demo

    Elite Scorer is now available in 4 continents. Get intouch with your nearest dealer now Or Purchase online!

    Elite Scorer sets up a service center in Slovenia for European Customers.
    Elite Pulse now launched! New Improved Elite Scorer 2020 Launched!
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    See the Amazing software demo before you buy.

    Elite Scorer PRO can be downloaded for Windows/MACOSX from here!
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    Products purchased online shall be delivered to your doorstep to over 40 Countries. Elite Scorer is Plug and Play and requires no Installation or setup.